my wife asked me to book Croydon escorts to spice up our marriage

I’ve been married for my wife almost seven years now. She has supported me throughout the years and an open-minded woman. Her unique ways of loving me were perfectly imperfect. I had admired her so much on how she raised our kids and ran our family business. Our marriage was natural for us, and I couldn’t remember conflicts that haven’t resolved right away.  Most of our arguments are like groceries, food, children or some stuff of the house. Just small disagreements between us. We also have encountered ups and downs of Life and everything in between. No matter how busy my wife is, she can still manage her wife and mom duties to the family. I think my wife was supernatural, and I can’t even know how she had done it. Everything to her was smooth, and unlike me, I gave up quickly as possible. She is my constant reminder of being confident in life, and help me overcome my fear of stage. Yes, as we have a family clothing business, my wife handles the accounting while I am to look for new investors or speak about the company which I accept it as a challenge. Our business started after our two years of being married. My wife loves clothing and into fashion trends. She uses her skills and knowledge to build the company which I supported her. I can still recall it was our eight year anniversary back then when she told me her concepts and Ideas. I have looked into her eyes, and I can see how excited she was. I said to her that I would think about it but at the back of my mind “I’ll surprise her since her birthday was in May. After our conversation, she never talks to me again about the plan, but I have seen her busy making designs and went sleepless nights with it. For my love to her, of course, I don’t want her to get disappointed and feel rejected. Since we don’t have enough money to open the business, I have to engage in a mortgage. Finally, her birthday arrives, she doesn’t have any idea about my surprise, and I have kept it all by myself. We have thrown a party to her, and she was happy. All her friends and family arrived giving her presents. When all the guests have gone home, I called her upstairs and little did she know I’ll give to her my gift. She ran hugging to me and said she was pleased with the party. I know she deserves this and I gave her an envelope with a note. “fly high my love,” she burst into tears and can’t explain her feeling. I was beyond proud of her how had she grown the business. We had paid all our debts, and the company continues rising. Perhaps, we have a new investor in London. His name was Gordon, and he has invited me to London Star Hotel to meet him and speak about the business personally. I was shock surprised that my wife books me a Croydon escort since she can’t go with me. I was like, are you gone crazy? She said that our marriage was an easy button and she wants to add some spice to it. Even if I want to contradict her idea, she has insisted it, and I have nothing to do as tomorrow is my flight to London. I have assured my wife that it doesn’t matter who will accompany me but my loyalty is to her. Today was my flight, and by six pm as agreed I will go to a restaurant to meet my Croydon escort and proceed to the hotel. Everything went well, and I have met Mister Gordon and discussed with him the business. After some drink, I have to leave the place since my proposal was accepted. I have brought home my Croydon escort since we have ended late. I appreciate her professionalism as my escort. My work there is finished and fly back home. Even though my wife will book me thousands of Croydon escorts to spice up our marriage, I would still value what I have vowed in our wedding.